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32 - old timerĀ  :(

lol!! Anyone who wasn't born in the 1940s is a youngster!!

I was flat broke when I was your age, young McN, but I suppose I could have a hangar full of Lexii now if I didn't want a retirement fund. :D

I'm running out of parking room anyway. Greeneyes stays in the garage with my Datsun 1600, I've got two Sentra wagons up one side of the house (a '94 and a '99 4wd) my wife brings home a Nissan 4wd ute from work and my son parks his '88 Sentra wagon where he can!! I dread to think of my daughter turning 15!! :lol:

Just wait 'til you young bucks get married and have families.... It'll have to be Nissan Vanettes then!

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I too,am kickin up 32 big ones- and after spendin 3 years in hospital decided one of my goals was gonna get a career that would allow me a car that turns heads,drives like a dream,puts a smile on my face and allows me the time to actually get out on the roads to use it!

Paid for it all by my lonesome!

I'm right there with ya on the "lack of parking space" problem Keith-The 'tezza takes pride of place in the SECURE,ALARMED GARAGE( ;) ),my Mitsi Pajero junior beside the garage, Honda cr250 and Suzuki rf900 under the awning at end of driveway...

May need a bigger house for whatever my next step will be!lol

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Most people has a big house with alot of bedrooms, I say screw the bedroom and make in into a garage, afterall cars are more important......:D, like eric watson, his waterfront home on Takapuna beach, 4 bedrooms, but 6 garages......whopps its actually a underground carpark....:)

and yes, my dad paid for the car, but it was meant to be for my mum (I choose the car) but she is either never here or she is getting rides with her friends, so she lets me to take full control of the car, so she basiclly said she isgoving up on driving and now its officially my car. I m very very young to be driving a Lexus. :D........

...................I m

............16 :ph34r:


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