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Should I Trade My Is300 For A S3?


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Hey Guys:

I m getting abit sick of my IS300, and since nobody use the car in NZ, except mum going to the supermarket and dad taking it for a spin to the casino a few times a year, I drive all the other miles, the car have now got close to 27,000km now, I probly driven 23,000 of that. I have also been looking into mods, I can really get anymore performance mods except to go for a S/C or a Turbo, which I won't becuase it will ruin my beatiful 4 year warranty.

So I decide to look at something smaller, so i can park in town better, sexier (for the ladies) and more potienal to mod and a factory trubo so that it wont affect the factory warranty.

So S3 is the best thing I can get without blowing anymore money on a simular nice ride!!!

So I m planning to trade in or sell my 2002 Auto IS300, 27,000km. 1st reg in 18/04/2002 for a late 2001 Audi S3 (yellow/red/black/candy blue), there are only 4 used S3 for sale in the country...listed below...so is it worth it? I prefer to get some money back out, and spend a few grand getting some mods on MTM...a 30mm lowering springs would cost $600NZ and engine tuning from stock 210bhp to 250hp for around $2600 NZ, so yeah nice package and a turbo car without damging the warranty.

Or my other option is to wait for the new A3 out Jan next year and also mod it with MTM, from stock 2.0TDI 103kw - 135kw and 405nm torque for just $1800 NZD and some nice 19" MTM wheels...

Well these are my 2 options, or to keep the lexus...my lexus would worth around $63,000-67,000 retail, so they will probly buy it off me for $55,000 or more for a trade in, which is enough for a S3 + mods.

thanks...:) for comments.

2001 Oct S3 (Yellow) 20,600kms - $63,900 RRP

2001 Jan S3 (Silver) 30,000kms - $59,900 RRP

2000 S3 (Ming Blue) 19,000kms - $51,900 RRP

2002 S3 (red) 1,800kms - $72,900 RRP

BTW - Pics http://www.liveupdater.com/giltrapprestige...ArtID=578190397

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I would not get the S3. Audi has just changed the A3 in Europe, so basically you would be driving in an old model. It also only has 210hp and your current car has 215hp.

Also, since your existing car iswas more expensive than the used S3, I think it will be extremely difficult to get a good deal, the Audi dealer definitely wants to get something out of the deal, so trading a car for a cheaper car is normally not a good deal. You either need to sell your car privately or trade it for a more expensive car.

However, an A4 1,8T Quattro would be nice. <_<


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