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Afternoon all.

Found a pristine one owner a couple of weeks ago. Owned by a great old fellow who would not leave it parked any where but his own garage etc. Two items my internet crawling cannot answer, so thought I would try here:

1) Car was listed as a Sports Prestige, but I am not so sure. Not overly bothered as what ever it is, it is in stunning condition. Out of curiosity what were the differences in the 2009 IS 250 range. Mine has rear camera, but not parking sensors, sports seats, rock hard suspension, no Mark Levinsin (sp) stereo. 17 inch wheels. No headlight washing system, Red with cream interior . Will any of the codes give up what model my Lexus is? Prestige / sports? / or sports prestige.

2) A I mentioned to one of the other posters here, the old boy did not use the DVD sat nav. The dvd was still sitting in the glove box but the heat and or scratches make it unreadable. I simply want to load any version of maps onto the sat nav - what is the best option? I saw a company on the net offering each years maps for progressively more money, but the site was reported as a scam.

Sean Sydney Northern Beaches.

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Many thanks Bazzle. I can see you have been assisting with Sat Nav Solutions here for several years. Apologies I had not seen your reply as I was resigned to using my phone until I had to disconnect the battery & now I have lost the complete use of the central information unit. Time to get a disc.

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Hi, I am new member for this group. Actually, my car is IS250, 2010 model, I am stuck with the DVD navigation update for many year. I am also looking for other website but there were no any idea or link to try. Luckily, I found that forum, I just finished download the link and will try to burnt to DVD DL and insert to my car this weekend. 

Hope it works well.

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