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That High Is Backside


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I was thinking about LSport lowering his IS300 and how high it was when we lined our cars up. The gap from the rear tyre to the wheel arch was more than twice mine.

Today I measured from the ground to the top of the wheel arch, and from the tyre (used a hacksaw blade sitting on the tyre) to the top of the arch.

On a standard (as far as I know) RZ Altezza it is 645mm from the ground to the arch, and 40mm from the tyre to the arch. On the front its 660 and 45mm, so the front is higher than the rear slightly.

The rear arch on my Sentra Wagon is also 645 off the ground, but with 13" wheels the tyre is 90mm below.

How high is the standard IS200/300 here, and I assume lowering it makes all the difference to the handling??

What's yours Gav, a negative number? :lol:

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Could be mistaken as being up under the guards at the rear,but that's due to the extreme g's being absorbed under extreme acceleration!!! ;)

But back in the real world,my car's sitting a relative 620mm/25mm rear, and 623mm/28mm at the front.Ride comfort is a bit firmer than standard but handling is far superior to my last '98 IS(standard then king springs fitted),and lower!

Still not too firm to be uncomfortable,just more positive road feedback.

Now when's our carpark gymkhana keith...? :rolleyes:

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Yeah, The reason why the IS is so high because it is exported to all around the world unlike the JDM Altezza, only made for the japanese market, also Altezza is desgined for the 20's male that wants a sport car with 4 door, on the other hand the IS for for your 3 series lovers alternative. yeah after lowering it on 35mm Lsportline Springs both the rear and front are lower than your standard altezza, a huge improvement from stock, would like to thanks Gav and other fellow members for your support.


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