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Brand new to this and went around in circles trying to find applicable information in previous forum posts.
On-line searching also sends me down a rabbit warren.

I have a recently purchased a 2015 RX350 F-Sport which I love.

The navigation information has quite dated maps and I would appreciate upgrading it.
Lexus delaer is quoting me $500+ to get it done - which I expect is a grossly exagerated price by the delaer.

The system is definately an SD managed one.
Looking for a simple answer - can this be done outside of taking it back to a dealer?

I do not have the touch screen version and no ability to use Adroid Auto/Apple Car Play.
I do not have the Navigation version handy, but should be able to find it and update the post with that if required.

Any help or link to somewehre that can answer the question would be appreciated.
Very frustrated and am sure there must be a way to do it, just need someone to point me in the right direction.
I simply want a more up-to-date map version for Australian roads.

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Only for the earlier DVD one up to 2012 ~~SD after that. I dont think they can be copied.

If I cant find a road on the Nav I ask Siri and she gives verbal directions 🙂

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