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Programming a USED key on Australian IS250 2008

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Hi All,

This is a cry for help. 

Im from Melbourne Australia, and have just bought a 2008 Lexus IS250 for my daughter for her first car. The car only came with one key, and im trying to figure out how to get a second one without having to be rogered by Lexus.

Im a pretty keen car DIY guy. I've built and modified many cars in my time, so tinkering around with this type of stuff isnt foreign to me. Quite comfortable there. 

Ive done a fair bit of reading on this, and i know it can be done. Infact a number of threads from this forum give some pretty good detail. 

Successfully added a USED key fob to my 07 IS250 - ClubLexus - Lexus Forum Discussion

I have a used key which i was intending to program to the car. I have a laptop with Techstream V12 installed (apparently thats the most feature filled version - i read somewhere that they started removing features after this version - odd) The software is working fine. And i have a VXDIAG NX400 Interface.

I can connect to the car without an issue at all, and can program many bits and pieces as required. 

Those threads above (along with a couple of youtuve videos) outline the steps required to perform a "Smart Code Reset", in preparation to then program up the used keys. I need a specific key for my car, which can be obtained via a number of websites out there. Thats all cool.

THe problem i have is that for the life of me i cannot find the "Smart Code Reset" option at all within techstream. I can see the options for programming keys etc. I've read as much as i can find on why the option isnt there, and whilst there have been a few suggestions, none of the have worked. 

So, im looking for someone who has some oretty seriously good technical knowledge here (and familiarity with techstream) to try and help me understand why i cant seem to find the SMart Code Reset option. 

Im pretty sure that if i can get this step completed, ill be good from there. 

Thanks in advance.  

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