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Satnav stuffed.


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Hi all can someone help with my problem .My satnav is showing an outlined map of Australia with the names of all capital cities .I as reading somewhere that it could be the GPS unit, or maybe I need to upgrade the SD card.

I took a photo but cant seem to load it to my computer.

Thanks in advanceĀ 

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Upgrading the maps data is quite expensive, as it has to be genuine Lexus only, and may not fix the problem if it is the head unit (either the audio unit which reads the SD card, or the screen itself). Either of these will be VERY expensive.

I decided not to upgrade the SD card in my 2017 NX due to the cost (close to $500), so I did some research and discovered that I could replace the screen with a complete new standalone one running on Android which was larger, had much higher resolution, and was much faster with inbuilt maps for Australia which are regularly updated for free, for not much more than the cost of 2 updates for the SD card.

The screen integrates perfectly with the NX dashboard, comes with all necessary wiring and fitting instructions, and looks like factory when installed. I fitted mine myself, or any competent car audio fitter could do it for you. It integrates perfectly with the car's standard systems, 360deg. camera and Mark Levinson system (if you have either), and is totally worth the upgrade.

If it is indeed the screen in your car that is faulty, I have a perfectly good original screen for sale if that helps. I am in Brisbane.


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