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Some 2003 Is300 Parts Review

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Reviews on my current Mods.

Joez Direct Flow Intake: A little gain, but it's definitely louder than the stock IS300 intake. Could hear air sucking sound which is one good thing about it. :D

Blitz Drop In Air Filter: Improves third gear quite well. I could feel it that's the thing.

HKS hiper silent catback exhaust: Gotta luv it.. the sound level is just a bit louder than the stock exhaust. B) And there are definitely some gain in hp, with better throttle response.

King Spring 30mm Drop: Too soft.. but it's good for a comfy ride. If u're getting one of this, i recommend u not too. Coz if u hav 4 passengers on the car, the car would be too low and u hav to drive too careful.

Any questions r welcome :ph34r:

PS - Applies to 01 + Lexus IS300 Only...any questions ask me....

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Thanks alot Rich...

Here are some of my reviews In Summary

Lsportline 35mm Lowering Springs - Abit too coft, very comfortable but too much body roll etc, so only get it if you want comfort.

Area51 Intake - The engine now sounds more noticable...very very nice sound when trvelling at high speed or when flooring, if you are a pedestrian waling and if I floor my car you will think its a Ferrari without looking :ph34r: , you can tell the engine sounds nicely tuned and its not from the exhaust, you can fell more power gain at higher rpms...the accelerator feels mmore throttle and it telling you to "Floor ME", well don't want the gas to go too quick...:) well anyway money well spent and yes its mint!!!

ProLexPerformance Silent Flow Intake

Continental Sports Contact Tires

Matt B)

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Addition of reviews

Tom's Barrel Exhaust -

Look - The exhaust tip is made of thick chrome plateand it surely looks nice but you won't find any tom's writing written on any part of the exhaust :( The positioning of the exhaust are lower than the standard exhaust which is arround 2 cm to the rear bumper.

Sound - The sound is a just a bit louder than original. When it gets heat up after driving arround for a while, the sound becomes deeper. When you rev it quite high the sound won't become high pitch as a few exhaust does. I like the sound since with this muffler I still can go home quite early in the morning without wake up anyone hehehe ;) . Overall the sound is not that loud even when your machine is idle.

Performance - You can really feel the power arround mid to high rpms. You can feel addition of hp to your car.

I think it's quite good muffler just a bit pricey ;) .

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Hi All,

Just a word of advice to those purchasing parts from ProLexPerformance in the U.S. .....DON'T.

I recently ordered some parts from Mike at ProLex and he has basically taken my money and run. Their website might be nice but their service is non existent. I am glad i did not order too expensive a part .

I have left messages at ProLex, called him up numerous times and was told that it was being ordered from o/s. This occured during the past two months. When i called him up last week, he hung up the phone and subsequently turned it off.

Just take note that ProLex is not a recommended place to purchase from.


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Here is a review on my current ride...

According to some car reviews, the Lexus GX 470 is designed for active families with young children, balancing comfort and features with real off-road potential. Underneath, the GX 470 has body-on-frame construction like commercial or military trucks, with a solid rear axle and serious four-wheel drive features such as a locking center differential and dual-speed transfer case. Inside, the GX 470 is roomy, quiet and luxurious, with an optional third-row seat that expands capacity to eight. Its cabin is swathed in leather and bird’s-eye maple. An overhead-cam V8 and smooth five-speed automatic transmission provide sufficient power for towing, trail-bashing, or carving corners on a coastal highway. Its features were really cool form exterior and interior designs down to its accessories like its Lexus is300 parts and the like…I believe I already got the most practical and best car one could ask for…=)

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