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Hey people,how yall doing?

How many different engines come out factory in Altezzas?

I have a 2ltr inline six with an 'FE' head in mine that produces 114kw(un supercharged)that im sure is fitted to all is200/as200(JDM)

I know the there is a 154kw four pot (3S GE)that I thought was in all rs200 modles.

I know the is300 has a 3ltr inline six with a 'GE' head that puts out 150kw...about the same as the four but only in auto with a hell of a lot smoother power curv,so im informed by friendly Lexus sales person.

Now what I would like to know is there a 2ltr inline six that also

puts out 150kw or are some people a tad bit confused about whats under their hood,and if so why would Toyota produce three modles all with around the same power?

Thanks,and any help/views would be appreciated.


ps;would have loved to have come on yhe cruz but im having some top secret mods done!!!so look out next time.

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Click Here...


Stock Altezza's and Lexus IS

AS200(Man/Auto) 118kw

RS200 (Auto) 147kw

RS200 (Man) 154kw

IS200 (Man/Auto) 114kw

IS300 (Man/Auto) 157kw

Quadlitat AS200 (Man/Auto) 160kw

TTE AS/IS200 (Man) 150kw

Thats it folks...also the Toms 280T 207kw

alresults are flywheel and factory figure are nothing but bull*BLEEP*s.lolz.....

Matt B)

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By the way, the Six Cylinder only have 150kw + power is when its supercharged or special edition like Gav's....The reason why the 4 cylinder 3S-GE is not named as a Lexus because of its weight and smoothness...all Lexuses are Smooth and Quiet, in another words lazy and boring, typical Toyota....very different market betweent eh IS300 and Rs200, the IS300 is made for the Americans and the RS200 is made for Japan...because the US fuel prices are cheap and they are into smooth cars...while they are used to small engines in JPN and are aim for the young market rather than the executive class like the IS300....

Matt B)

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Thanks Mat...your like the Guru of altezza B) ...thats what I thought.

Id luv to know what TRD do to the Quadlitat to gain 35kw?

Can we buy the parts from them?

re;Graham. :blink:

Nah, That was only a special limited edition, you can get some aftermarket chip for the IS200 / 300, also for the 3S-GE in japan...if you need any help let me know...you can get the TRD chip from Gavins car, i got his address If you nned to take it out of his car....ta jks


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The Lexus IS200: 1G-FE 2.0L straight six (114KW)

The Lexus IS300: 2JZ-GE 3.0L straight six (157KW)

Toyota Altezza: 3S-GE 2.0L 4cyl. inline (154KW)

If you want performance, try to get the 3S or the 2JZ.... a turbocharged 2JZ would give your IS an ultimative kick in the A.SS.

Also the 3S.... with a turbo conversion it would be too easy to get 400-500HP out of those hell-machines.

I wouldn't try to hit the 300HP area with the stock 1G-FE..... it could blow up.


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