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How Often Does The Lexo Get A Clean?


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My baby lexo gets cleaned once every 3 days if the weather is fine, or whenever there is a sunny period when it has been rainaing for days, I will say anywhere between 50 - 75 times a year...

How I clean the car?

-Rinse with fresh water (Bottled Water)*

-Shampoo with Merguires gold class car wash

-Rinse Off

-Clean hard jerms with Merguires Bug and Tar Remover

-Clean Windows with Merguires Window Cleaner

-Clean Wheels with Merguires All wheel Cleaner (Hot rims type)

-Silicon wheels with Merguires Long lasting tire gel.

-Polish Exhuast Pipe with Autosol

-Waxxed every 2 - 4 months depends on weather patterns, before waxing I use the Merguires scratch X to remove fine marks...

-Interior Vacumn all Mats and Carpet, Seats, Door Trims, Dash, Console, Steering Wheel, Glove box, seat belts, etc...also engine bay everytime I clean the car.

-Boot area, first aid kit compartment and spare wheels area once every 2-3 months...

dirty carpets gets cleaned with Merguires Carpet Cleaner, leather get wipped with Merguires leather wipe, interior windows also get cleaned...

after every step it will get dryed and the car will look sparking new!

How do you and often do you clean your car??? :lol:

enjoy your weekend guys...

Matt B)

and yes Gav I know you pay someone to do it.....lolz... :lol:

*Evian, only happened when I never finished drinking that 1.5 litre bottle which has been in the garage for weeks after opening...lolz

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I only use Meguiar's for cleaning the car. I don't use their wheel cleaners. Nothing is better than soap and water for alloys.

Meguiar's Quik Detailer Mist & Wipe is very good for minor clean ups eg. rain spots etc.

The lambs wool wash mitt doesn't scratch the paint.

Their products smells nice too :D

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