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Looking At Buying A Celsior

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Hi Guys

Im looking at buying a celsior and had a look at it yesterday. Not a bad car i must say packed with alot of gear.

The car is a celsior CF model, it has the leather interior and everything else (electric seats, head rests, warming seats, massage seats, cruise control, traction control, auto lights, rear electric curtain, lcd rearview.)

It has a aftermarket air controller for the suspension (which he has unplugged). is there any major problems that go wrong with the airbag suspension (as ive seen forsale a couple of others that have had coilovers and shocks instead). couldnt understand why he would have unplugged it.

I also noticed the overflow bottle has a rubber cap that leaks (is that a common problem).

Other than that the car drove very well (love all the gadgets) i dont think im going to get my friends out of the rear seat hahahaha. just need to do a check on it and get a racv inspection (piece of mind).

The car is forsale for $11000, it has 129000km's on it (timing belt done at 115000).

Your ideas and thoughts are appreciated



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Hi Guys,

I saw this thread so I thought I would post in here instead of starting a new one.

I myself would like to know what to look out for in these cars, I am actively looking and will hopefully be able to find the right one and purchase this year. I have found 1 I really like the look of but it does have a high amount of kms on it, 220k to be exact I have heard that these engines are fantastic but would it be foolish to purchase one of these with that amount of kms on it?

Any other information or even a link to a write up on what to look for would be great.


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