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Ok so i was going to change the radiator hose on my altezza to a steel one pulled half of it off, the engine side and about 1 litre of coolant came out which i caught with a icecream container right! so anyways i put the pipe back on, car had flat battery so jump started it, let it warm up, then when putting it back in shed i reved it about 3000 - 4000 and could hear water quite loud flowing, sounded like in dash which is impossible, so turned it off, then had to put it back in shed so turned it on and drove it into shed.

After thinking about it I came to 2 conclusions:

1. Must be the water filling the pipes up again and recurculating!

2. By taking hte pipe off air got into the pipes.

Well I hope its just 1. but it shore makes a funny sound!!!!

ideas guys?

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It may look full after you filled it, but as soon as it warms up the thermostat will open and any air bubbles underneath it all rise up. This will make the water level go down and it will magically appear low again. So check it tomorrow morning and make sure it has stayed full.

Small bubbles may get trapped in the top of a curve in the heater, so the water can flow passed but the trapped bubble gurgles for a while. Shouldn't worry the engine but may take a few days or week to clear them out.


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