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Brake Clicking Noise

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Hey guys,

Just wondering if any of you get the clicking (mines more of a clunk) noise when you brake after changing direction (i.e forward to reverse). The closest thing I can find to describing it is this.

It's quite a noticeable sound, and it doesn't sound particularly healthy :(

If you've experienced it how did you reduce the noise or remove it all together?



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Learn to live with it....!

I think most of them do it. We back out of the garage in the morning, put on the brakes and 'clunk'. Drive forward and turn in the yard, 'clunk', then its OK for the day...

Maybe some copperslip grease around the edge of the pads would help, but I don't think it is really worth the mess and effort.


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I get it usally when reversing out of the garage and occasionally at other times, but its not bad enough to give it much attention on my car. But when i first got it i wondered what the hell it was for a while. As greeneyes said its just a normal thing, so i guess it depends on how often it does it and if it annoys you!!!

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hey ChronicSK

i have that noise and i think its normal too :---D

Its got something to do with "cold contracts and hot expands" i guess.

As your brakes are cold after a night in your garage, so your brake housing kinda grip your pads more in the mornings. And I think you hear that 'clunk' noise because the brake pistons are pushing a bit of metal over another.

Thats my guess ahah :P

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