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Hid Conversion Kits

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I know I'm getting way ahead of myself since my is250 doesn't get in till end of januray 07 but on the topic of HID conversion kits, it seems like most people (internationally) are using Mtecs...

I've heard that the Philips Ultinons were the best though (around 25% more expensive as well)

Anybody in Aus did the HID conversion on the Prestige and if so, which brand did you use?

Do you think the quality of the more expensive kits justifies the extra cost?

P.S. I'm glad i got the is250 before the shark fin antenna comes in, looks much smoother in the 06 model

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Hi dku250,

I've installed the MTEC 6000k kit on my prestige. So far so good.

TIP: Make sure you get a kit with a rubber grommit included to seal the hole you have to drill for teh wires, else I had to make my own and use sealant which was a major pain in the Butt.

Just make sure the philips kit or any kit for that matter does not have the ignitor separate to the ballasts coz you'll end up fiddling around to secure 4 boxes inside your engine bay as opposed to 2.

The MTEC kit has the ignitor integrated with the ballasts so it makes things easier.


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Sorry no pics yet.

But from what I can tell, the 6000k I've got comes out much bluer than I expected. If your after the stock "White" xenon look then I suggest you get the 4000K.

Also.....The MTEC kit I bought "DID NOT" come with the rubber grommit. Make sure the kit you get does. Enquire before you buy.


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They are Japanese made and offer 2 yrs warranty.

I bargained with them for the price so it was a good deal in the end.

If you dont know how to install it, you can always get it installed for 100$ approx.


4300: same as factory and is the brightest.

6K : Blue tint and not as bright

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