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Trd Strut Brace

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yay, got my TRD strut brace today. It looks the part and only takes 5 minutes to install,

very cool. time now to move to more serious suspension changes.

havent driven it yet , I will let you guys and girls know what it does tomorrow and put up a pic ;)

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James got his one too and he is very happy!!! I m getting my JIC one too soon!!! I was going to get the TRD one but it dosent fit the IS300, me and Shane is both going for the JIC one, I prefer people with IS200/300 to go for JIC or PLP, and Altezza 3S-GE people to go for TRD! will get you guys a review too when I got mine!

Matt :)

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Ive been giving the car a bit of a hard time through some back roads with the new TRD strut bar and Im positive that the suspension feels like it is working a lot better in the rough stuff, its sort of hard to explain, maybe like its more sensitive with the struts actually taking all the impact.

I cant wait now to get some decent shocks, springs and sway bars.


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