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Lexus/toyota Navigation Dvd Update

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hi guys,

just wondering, how many people are interested in buying the latest Whereis Navigational DVD v13 for their lexus or toyota?

the DVD cost $400 each, if anyone want the latest update for under $100, please let me know.

The DVD cover the latest road map in Australia.

my email is asl217@optushome.com.au

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I've got some update too with my car...The Lexus SC 430 switches from luxury hardtop coupe to open roadster with the press of a button. It's quiet and secure with the top up, perfect for two people dressed for an evening on the town. Dropping the power hardtop converts it into an open roadster, enjoyable on those perfect spring days.Looking bolder and brighter for 2006, the Lexus SC 430 attracts attention wherever it goes. Its richly rounded styling is upscale and refined. Its interior, freshened for 2006, is luxurious and comfortable, trimmed in leather and a choice of rich woods.

The SC 430 performs well and boasts true sports car credentials: rear-wheel drive, a fully independent suspension, and a powerful V8 engine. It's stable at high speeds and offers excellent control on winding roads and freeway on-ramps. And it's easy to live with around town, with a smooth, relatively soft suspension, and smooth, responsive performance in stop-and-go traffic. Rough city streets are subdued yet it's delightful on country roads. . Its features were really cool form exterior and interior designs down to its accessories like its Lexus tail pipe and the like…I believe I already got the most practical and best car one could ever ask for…

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