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Hi All.

I may be very picky, but I have now had my front seat replaced twice. The first time was due to a squeak they couldn't fix and the second was due to an imperfection in the seat. Basically it was like a gathering of the cloth around the join high on the inside front of the seat.

Now I have a new seat, only replaced yesterday by the dealership in Brisbane, but again, almost the same imperfection is in the seat.

I cannot understand how they can even replace the seat with a new one that has the same issue, AND, to make matters worst, they have admitted to knowing about it.

I am told in is how it has. Comment for Service dept head "what do you want us to do, order in 50 seats to check for the good one!". NO, I don't, just get the people sending the seat to make sure that it has no problems FIRST! :angry:

So, I am checking with other IS250 Sports owners, as you will be the ones with the Alcantara seats, to see, if your seats have any imperfections. When the car was new, there were no inperfections like this! :angry:

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RAP03 you are having a lot of problems with your car

I have a sport since january 05 and no promblems at all with rattles and seats very happy.


Join us if you can make it go to http://forum.lexusownersclub.org.au/index.php?act=idx


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Thanks Chappy.

Buggar! Sounds like a great drive, but unfortunately my wife has made arrangements for me for lunch at home with some of her friends.

I will keep my eye on the site for future drives.

Update. They had their specialist look at the seat the other day and they are going to try and get upholster to "work" it out, if not successful, then ???? Not holding my breath.

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Hi All

Has been a while since I commented on my issue. Over 2 years.

I have still had no luck with Lexus and the dealer.

They tried an upholsterer and that fix lasted about 2 weeks before it went back to how it was. Took it back and local dealer again contacted Lexus, but again they said they have replaced it twice all ready and sorry, it is not a PROBLEM.

They tell me there are many others out there with the same issue.

So, if you are one of them, please let me know.

I am taking LEXUS and dealer to small claims court over it.

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I have a sports model, didn't notice a seat problem except the rubbish & dust tend to settle inside the gap where the fabric pieces joins up. Have you tried adjusting the seat positions/tilt/back support ? That might help a bit.

If you cannot sell your car and get a new one, the easy way out I guess is to use a nice pair of seat cover? :(

Could also be a good reason to order a pair of Mercedez-Benz sports seats......if they fit of course......

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