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Update On Ticket


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cant find old post, but for those of you who remember my little incident with the law on "accelerating in a manner that may cause disturbance". I got the final letter back today and im gonna be $600 poorer. :(

I reckon there were grounds to give me a ticket but $600 is bulls**t. I wish I had sat on the limiter the whole way to auckland and back that day instead. cause the fine wouldnt have been a heal of a lot worse (although I probably wouldnt be able to drive anymore) but anyways my respect for police has just dropped to very low place.

here's an idea: if police just hand out tickets willie nillie to everyone like a buisness which they seem to do, maybe we can get some discount for clubs?

oh yeah, and be careful when taking off in first gear, these altezza's are very quick apparently!

cheers...........Hayden :angry:

(P.S maybe I will buy another Evo 4 or 7 cause I never got a ticket in my Evo!)

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court is next but from the way the officier responded I wont get anywhere. they send the letter to the offcier who issued the ticket and as he was a wanker I'm pretty much screwed.

I should take it to court but its all just a pain in the arse. I can pay the ticket but it isnt right!

I'll think about te court, but my parents say its probaly just beeter to pay it and forget about it!

its the most expensive fine ive ever had for a stupid reseon in my opinion!

oh well its friday, bring on the weekend!!!!

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Take it to Court!! You may get an understanding Magistrate who fines you less than that, even with the court costs. (Were $85) Just turn up looking neat an earnest and politely put forward that perhaps the Officer was a little over-zealous in his interpretation of the new law and you feel that compared to other crimes (which you will have to do some research on...) worth $600 your indiscretion was quite minor and no harm was done as a result of what you did and now you understand the limits within the new legislation you will be sure to adhere to them quite closely...

Surely you can make up some BS!! How about a mate who's a lawyer or something?

I've got off a few going to Court, although it depends on how much money you miss out on by taking a day off work! :(


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yeah your fully right there!!

I guess it comes down to whether I can be bothered at the moment. I have enough other stuff to worry about without attending a court case but thats what I should do. I'll see what happens.


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