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Hey GUys,

Has anyone else had to replace their subwoofer on a LS 400 1990 model? It's an 8" subwoofer low powered. I'm almost prepared to pay Lexus of Perth $215 for the stock replacement, but was wondering if you can buy it online somewhere cheaper.



Hi oliver, have had the same probs , 8 inch s w s are hard to com by , went to my local auto radio man here in Bunbury cost me $30 .00 i fitted it my self fidly job but, great car,s,

regards Mal

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oliver mate i work at a strathfield store and u can get 8 inch woofers from jbl that are a direct replacment for most standard subs but i have not looked into the celsior yet as i just got mine today

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I know this is an old thread, but this company did a great job rebuilding the sub in my 90.

Replaced the cone surround and voice coil.

Short Fuse Speaker Repairs

U 2/ 73 Holder Way Malaga 6090

(08) 9249 4179

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