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What's Your Look?

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Alright guys...

Just catching up with Richard (ChronikSK) today and discussing what kind of "look" we are both going towards...Rich himself is trying to achieve that black gunmetal look by getting a TRD CF Grille on his car...hope one day in the near future a Black Housing headlight and tail lights...and those gunmetal rims he have been telling me about. As for myself I m still confused...I might for for that dark look too but might just leave it pure "Silver"...so what look you guys going for???

Matt :)

Ps - any thoughts Hayden??? :ph34r:

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yeah im a little confussed on exactly the look I am trying to achieve. I kind of like the bling bling Lexus look but it needs to be aggressive at the same time. Im no old man so I need to maintain some boy racer slash race car look. Basically my look is what ever looks cool.

I am more confussed now! :lol:

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