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Next Generation Lexus Is To Be Showcased

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At next month's New York International Auto Show, Lexus will show a concept vehicle that will preview the replacement for the IS300. The overhauled IS is due out by early 2006. While Lexus is planning for a new IS sedan, company officials say it may kill the IS300 wagon, a perennially slow seller in the United States. The IS sedan, however, will become a higher-volume model.

I guess this will be the 2006 Model...yay my warranty finishes April 2006...can think about it if they don't screw it up...:D I m gussing they might screw it up because the current one are too good for it's price...there are not going to be anymore JDM's from next year onward....

Matt :)

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...and the chance of a 4cyl TURBO 3SGE with at least 205KW.....????

No, they'll cock it up and give us a jelly-mold rounded IS300 designed for the yanks!

Have to wait & see!  Petrol may be $1.90/litre by then anyway!


if it's under the Lexus badge it won't be a 3S-GE..from memory we are getting a new generation 3.0 V6 with 184kw and 301Nm Torque Power Engine....alot power improvement but not much in torque....also a 6 speed automatic gearbox with tiptronic mode, It will be another nice car to drive in, they will supply manual models outside US in the 2006 model, no more Sportscross and a big chance of a coupe and convertible...

Matt :)

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