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Changed My Fuel Filter

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Hey guys,

As the title suggests, I ended up with an arm full of V Power Racing today.

I sourced a Genuine Toyota fuel filter that came with shiny black paint and the bracket attached. This made it a fairly easy job to complete. In case you didn't know, the filter is located under the rear passenger side door just forward of the back wheel. I was able to lie on my garage floor and see underneath fairly comfortably, however, if your car has been lowered, this may make the task almost impossable without a hoist or jack.

You need to undo the cover plate/heatshield using a spanner or ratchet. The bolts are 10mm from memory. I disconneted the Plug connected to the tank from the fuel pump and turned over the engine a couple of times until it would not turn over. I don't know that this helped that much cos I still ended up losing probably half a litre of fuel into a container I placed under the car. You will need to use a flat tray container so that you can still work on the filter. I loosened both end of the filter and then tightened them just enough to stop the flow. I then removed the 2 bolts holding the bracket. Then you have to work really quickly to remove the filter. I loosened the again and then turned them both by hand as swiftly as I could and repeated the same in reverse on the new filter. After tightening the filter and replacing the bracket bolts, I made sure I wiped off any excess fuel from the filter and started the car after re-plugging the fuel pump in. A quick look to check there were no leaks and job done.


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