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Whos Out There?


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I m in Hong Kong man...no good exhaust to polish!

Matt :D

Bored in HK? Grab an Options Fans to read then hop on an MTR and head down to Mong Kok...plenty of exhausts down there :D

I'm off to install new front fog lamps B)

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Bored!! OMG! Go paint your daughter's bedroom! Or spend Sunday putting up plastic ready for Monday's work... or or sit down with 60pages of engineering drawings to work out a quote... or bake some biscuits... or do some invoicing..

I've done all that & its only 5pm, I'm sure I can cram something else in yet.

What it is to be young and fancy-free eh!



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Gotta luv that sense of humour Keith.

Thanx for the company and coffee the other nite, you gotta watch it, i might get used to it!

Hope the paintings coming on fine. Hope to see you possibly on Saturday nite! Im sure we expecting a good turn out.



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Well Im sure your lil angel will be pleased then.

Yup sat nite, dont know the plans yet, but hopefully i will have a TRD grill on for it, yippee.

Hopefully see you then, and boredom just aint right so I'm gonna keep to my busy schedule and get ready to head. Up at 4.30 in morn as per my latest scheme.



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