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Warm Or Cold Washing

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Just want to know when you wash your car, what product do you use and in what water temp. warm or cold?

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How does NXT compare to Gold Class?

I used Gold Class twice and gave it as i felt it doesnt give the shine...now using Armorall.

I always uded cold but tried warm water, i think most car wash solution are for cold washing...

They way i do my washing is hose, 1 buck of clean water with spung to clean off dirt, then 1 bucket of solution using spung, then host off solution and then dryed immediately with synthetic chamois.

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I've never used gold class so can't compare.

I also use water from the hose, hence the cold water, and you still get plenty of suds.

I do similar with first bucket, with suds, being for quick whip around the bottom areas of the car that are dirtiest then the wheels. Then have one suds bucket and one rinse bucket to do the whole car. Wash car with sudsy mitt then rinse in fresh water then reload with suds and do next section. That way all the grime picked up by the mitt falls into the rinse bucket and isnt picked up again when gathering more suds.

Due to water restrictions I now use a watering can to rinse the car, and it gives a good sheeting rinse, as you would get with a hose, but doesn't waste anywhere near as much, or get me as wet, as trying to use a bucket for the same job. :P

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I have been using gold class in a cold bucket from day 1, it gives me the best clean. I am an ex panel beater/panter, this stuff really gives my black the shine it deserves. Some of you say you use a hose, isn't that allowed these days, i use a watering can to rinse.


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Yep, can't use a hose due to water restrictions. Watering can is the next best thing.

Have you tried the NXT to compare with gold class?

Does anyone use the Meguiars microfibres for drying? Any good? any other sources for good microfibres available?

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