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Hi Guys,

Just looking at tyre options for my IS250. I was told I could save around 400 if i got Summitomo tyres. Anyone used these or know how good these are? I was told they are made by Dunlop or Dunlop's part owner. Anyhow the choices are these or the Dunlop Sports Maxx. Price difference is about 400. Let me know what you guys think :)


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I had to replace my front two tyres last month, due to a major puncture in one of them (damn six inch nail!)....

16" Bridgestone Potenzas are the standard issue for the Prestige. These through a Bridgestone Tyre Centre are about $260-270 fitted each and many tyre stores do not have these in stock and have to order them in.

I rang my dealer which strongly recommended either the Potenza or the Turanza. The Turanza's are $200 fitted, saving you about $280 for a full set. The Turanza is not a pure performance tyre like the Potenza is, but it is a slightly quieter tyre and you should get an extra 7-10k kms on them. (Incidentally, the Turenzas are now fitted to most is250s in the USA). Turanza's are perfectly fine, just about as good as the Potenzas in every aspect, but the rubber is not quite as 'tacky' basically.

I would stay away from Dunlops (although I believe the SL's are fitted with them?!). Dunlops are notorious for getting far less mileage out of them.

If you're looking for a tyre that is legitimately suitable for the is250 but without paying top dollar, I recommend the Bridgestone Turanza.

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I will be looking at Toyo's when it's time to change. Good price compared to Dunlop and Bridgestone, and growing in reputation.

They get a very good rap for noise and performance from other forums.

Otherwise I am happy with the Dunlop sport maxx as OEM fitting, but will check the pricing when it gets closer to replacement.

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Thanks for your replies guys :)

I decided to go with the 18inch Rims but still looking at tyre options, Any ideas how many Km's you can get out of the Dunlop Sports Max's before it's time to change?

How many KM's have you guys got so far with your Dunlop Sport Max's?

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Thanks guys! :)

Got the Dunlop's not sure if the Toyo's come in the correct Sizes for the Is250X rim. So far the tyres are great, not much noise and great handling. I guess time will tell how I go for wear. What's the PSI for these babies? Is it all the same front and back?

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