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Hi all. Recently bought a new Iphone, and am having major problems with the inbuilt bluetooth/ ML sound system in my IS250. I can hear people fine, but i am constantly told I am "breaking up" when i have full reception. Have read that customers in the US have has similar problems, anyone else in australia with the same problem and know of any fixes?

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Was using a 1st gen iPhone since November last year, originally with firmware 1.1.1, then 1.1.4 and, most recently, 2.0, without any issues. Few weeks ago I got my new 3g iPhone, immediately applied the jailbroken 2.0 firmware, and still no issues. Both phones are working fine in my '07 IS250 and my wife's '07 RX350.

Perhaps I got lucky, but I've always run jailbroken firmware. There's a slim possibility that has something to do with it. Sorry I can't be significantly helpful.

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Considering that you can hear fine and its only the recipient that has the prob hearing you, have you played around with the settings in the "service diag screen"? (as per korvan's post) . You will find the bluetooth / volume section quite easliy!

You can adj both inbound and outbound volumes. Perhaps it might improve if you lower the out bound vol.

I know this principal has worked for me in the past with other carkits.

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