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  1. Agreed Dan.... ALOC central and perhaps a BBQ and beers whilst we actually still have some warmer weather!!!!
  2. It is being worked on guys.... We will keep you all updated with any progress made.
  3. Sorry mate, not long read this post.......To answer your question, damn straight we are on again this season..........the return of KERS and the unknown associated with the adjustable rear wing......how could we not!!! Anyway, we shall chat about this in the F1 thread......! As for the the off topic comments......I think enough has been said so I wont add but I will say, (simply because I can), @ Bluewaffle, great community contribution mate.....and nice work with the diffuser! Im sure you are going to get some interest with em! Great thing here, everyone has an opinion and sometimes not all are quite what we expect.....trust me, Lex51s and I are the ones that moderate them.......but that being said, its a great diverse community with all having a common interest in their rides mate!! As for Dis-lex-sic, yeah, he might not be picking the winners come F1, but as Ilv mentioned, he is a genuine bloke that likes to stir!! He's had a go at most of us mate and having met him, you know its all good fun!!! Anyway, thanks again for the contribution mate.......nice work!
  4. Oh yeah, its been a while and I never did update on this!!! I had the Lexus oem glass fitted, with oem facias as the clips do break on replacement for $900 neat. YES, it wasn't fitted by Lexus but I ensured that I chose an owner operator that I could trust to replace the screen for me. No apprentices here thank you!!! He fitted it at my place and I was one of those annoying by standers that just didn't leave!!! So that being said I would say that Lexus was charging considerable for the install!!! Soooooo, understanding how much the oem glass costs, do shop around guys!!! (And definately do not consider the non oem.........the green tinge and the waviness in the glass is horrific)!!! Hope this helps anyone in that crappy situation!
  5. Hey guys! I am so touched that I was missed!!!!! Justin, I should of expected a sly comment from U!!! All good, you will keep! HA!;) Dis-lex-sic, mate, my 4 year old has out grown "where's Wally"........Question beckons.......Do you need some help finding him??? Would u like me to organise one of my kids to help?? HAHA!! Seriously guys......Danny knows that I would of LOVED to of been there to meet some of you..........(& to give Justin some pay back), but unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances, I just couldn't make it! Dan knows! Anyway, back on topic, the cars look absolutely brilliant guys!!!! Terry and Dan, Wheels look brilliant. The pics don't do your your car justice Dan!! Chris, thks for representing mate and apologies to all again for not being able to attend.....Next time hey!!!! (& Chris, your car looks brilliant mate....I just laugh reading through earlier posts where u talk about keeping things stock!!!)
  6. Hi mate, Welcome! Quickly, how quickly does it blow the fuse?? Are we talking minutes or days?? Something is obviously drawing a substantial amount of current to blow that fuse. Either one of the ballasts is faulty and shorting internally when it heats up, or perhaps when you plugged into the lamp sockets, they are shorting somewhere intermittently! More info please!!!
  7. Nice pics Chris!!!! U free to do weddings as well???? HAHA! U could of photoshoped Dans car so that it looked clean!!! Nice work again bro!:D
  8. Yeah...hmmm.....pretty dissapointed with Lewis. U know Im a massive LH fan and I reckon he has matured soooooo much this year as a driver. He is making calculated risks, and displaying his awesome skill as a driver. With all that being said, why did he have the brain slip and push in a two car corner with 3 already there??? Look, he has admitted fault and I still reckon that Mclaren will have a good down force package for the remaining races, and Lewis will get some winning consistency to help secure the constructors from Redbull! Ferrari have definately stepped it up a notch I must say.....I have to apologise for the lack of "body" in this review, ie..pretty standard so to speak....but I am preparing all my word smithing and opinions for Singapore....................which I was meant to go but unfortunately had to bail from due to certain circumstances............Can't wait...always enjoy Singapore.!! On another note, not sure if you watched the doco on Foxtel the other night, but it was on the secrets behind F1. Here is a link if you want to stream it. Awesome doco and its makes you realise why there is so much money in F1......and in Bernies pocket!!!! http://www.streetfire.net/video/discovery-turbo-secret-life-of-formula-one_200414.htm
  9. Well you weren't far off, hey!!! Hope u put some money on!! I won't comment too much on the race.........actually I won't say anything.......hows that for a change..! As for Flavio Briatore, isn't he Webbers Manager!!!!! Thats why he is hanging around!! He's the one pushing the number 1 status for Webber!!! Anyway, I look forward to Singapore!!!
  10. Looks great......I was always sceptical of angel eyes on the IS250 but I have to say, due to the awesome IS bonnet, looks tough!! Im a little bit unsure of the blueness, how many K?? What do they look like with the head lights on........HIDS?? Regardless, thumbs up!!!
  11. Spotted this amazing black IS250 driving down near Concord Rd this morning. This thing was HOT.......It had MAZZURI HEADERS - TAKEDA INTAKE - TANABE EXHAUST - GFX - 6000K HID KIT - ANGEL EYES - SMD FOGS - LED TAIL LIGHTS - 18" RIMS + EAGLE F1'S - SLOTTED/CROSSDRILLED ROTORS - JUN-TW STRUT BAR - SHARK FIN...........HAHA Nice one Justin!!! Didn't get time to do the traditional high beam.....Although u wouldn't probably take notice of a near stocker!!!
  12. Which "air filter thing" are you talking about??? The F-sport intake?? or another brand?? or just a pod filter?? or just the ram??? There wouldn't be issues with fit....... We need more info mate!
  13. Ferrari are just too powerful and as a result have way too much pull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in my opinion)!! History dictates this! Crazy decision!!!! Its taking the sport away from the fans if they decide to bring team orders back in...................and I don't care how they govern its implementation. You couldn't bet on a driver anymore!!!! Oh well, the show must go on!! (and what an awesome show it has been)!!! Monza??? Thoughts?? U reckon the "crash kid" will put a show on?? Only 5 more races... Not happy!!
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