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Airflow Meter Glued To Air Flow Box ? ?

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i just bought gs300 last month.. wanted to change the filter to a apexi power intake by my buddy and i. BUT i found out that the air flow meter is glue to the air box. Is it that way originally. ?? :unsure:

thanx. if anyone do help..

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i havent looked at mine cause i just installed a Blitz panel filter into my air box coz i couldnt be bothered messing with the intake etc but i would say its probably just some gasket goo type sealant.

i would just be careful and try running some tooth floss in behind it to remove it. probably once you get one corner loose itll 'peel' away

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yeah i am but like i say i didnt need to touch it since i just bought a panel filter to go in the air box as i couldnt be bothered with a pod since to do it properly you really need to do proper heat shielding etc

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