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Tom's / Plp Panel Filter / Trd Cf Grille


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Alright I got a new Tom's Super Ram I need to get rid off! Brand new in box...Fits the following Cars...

SXE10 (RS200) JCE10 (IS300) JCE10W (AS300 Gita) JCE15W (AS300 Gita) JZS160 (GS300/A300 Aristo) JZS161 (V300 Aristo)

$155.00 Delivered to your door in 3 days! (SOLD)

Also a new ProLex Filter same as story as above $100.00 Delivered to your door!

And a TRD Carbon Fibre Grille for any Altezza / Lexus IS Brand New in box wrapped and ready to ship.

$365.00 Delivered to your door! (SOLD)

Detail Pics

Matt =P

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