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For a little while now I have been looking around for some places that sell some aftermarket stuff for my '93 ES300. I am yet to find anywhere that looks very promising though. Do you guys know of any places in WA or any good internet sites that maybe able to help me out.

I have found one site http://www.lextasy.com/ have any of you guys had experience with these people? Are they any good?


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theres not much in WA for these cars. theres a few US based large dealer sites such as Carson Lexus, Sewell Lexus, L-Tuned etc which do both OEM and aftermarket parts. they are trustworthy but expensive.

for things from japan i used to use www.importmonster.com.au, which is a yahoo japan interface. But now the exchange rate is much worse, things end up quite expensive. but its the only way to get a lot of things.

for larger items, again big bummer about the exchange rate, but i go through an ex pat aussie in Japan called Jesse Streeter - dartsun75@gmail.com

Top bloke, good to deal with, and is happy to price up/track down anything you like. If you know what you want, send him the link and he will give you a delivered total. i've bought 2 sets of wheels and coilovers through him.

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