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Hi Guys!!

Is it just me or has the forum been running really slow over the last few days?

Also is thing new where you can't really see all the posts until you click on each one down the bottom?? I find that rather annoying. Anyone else?

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Its running fine here, however i know on the Australin toyota site thats on the same server seems to be slow too.. It seems some users in Australia are finding the server slow. This could be one of the hops that your ISP uses has problems.

in regards to the links at the bottom you have got the layout set wrong.. to change it go to "OPTIONS" top right of this threads and click "Standard"

that will set it properly for you.

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Thanks Steve, I am glad to have my layout back :)

I guess I will check with my ISP and maybe send them in a traceroute to see if they can ID a problem. FYI I am using Bigpond Cable in NSW. I wonder if any of the other Bigpond user's are having issues.

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i will check to see if others are using bigpond

the server we have is on a very very good network and the server we have is dedicated and is never under any large loads. Only time it maybe under some load is at backup times which would be 10am for database backups and again at about 1pm which is a external backup of the whole server and databases. This is Australia time too. But still nothing to make the server go slow. I usually get reports of the server under heavy loads.

As i have boards in UK, UK and AU which is all served from the USA it seems we only have problems with a few users in AU, which i can assume a network problem between providers.

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