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Fs 18inch Rays Engineering Wheels


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For sale are 18 by 8.0 inch on front and 18 by 9.0 on rear. They are a classy style wheel, being mostly filled with a diamond look affect, yet sporty being genuine rays.

Tyres are excellent with about 85% tread. Rears are 265/35/R18 and fronts 235/40/R18.

They are in mostly excellent condition, appart from one wheel which has a mark on the outside ring of the wheel. The centre caps are also slightly wearing. These things are only noticeable if you are really looking for it when close to wheels.

Price $1200.

Pickup only Near Dandenong Victoria or organise own Couriers.

Wheels are on a Toyota Aristo/Lexus GS300 MkII so Stud pattern is 114.3x5 and has also multifit for 4 stud with probably the same 114.3 bolt pattern.

If interested let me know email and i'll send pics. thanks

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