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Facia For An Is200

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Hey folks,

Looking for some help, I have scored an incar computer and wish to put this in my Lexus IS200. I am going to need a facia panel to accomadate this double din unit. Anyone have any ideas how one would score this peice of equipment. I assume its an Altezza component, and if this is the case how can i get one reasonably and pratically.

Its a 2003 platinum edition and has a tape deck with 6 cd changer.........hhhhhmmm. The stereo is great but I am wanting to trial this car P :blink: C thing.

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hey pigeon

i have a facia. long story but i ended up with 2 when i got mine.. got it from a car audio store they ordered it in.

its to turn the double din into a single din with a pocket under.. or double din facia if u just remove the divider

its from www.bestkits.com

what state are you it??? i got one going for cheap.

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ive suggested this elsewhere but ive got mine from ryda car audio, i know its not where you live but even with shipping its not expensive, you wont have to worry about the heated seats and all that because it just clips back into the bottom of it perfectly like it does when the stock radio is in there so its not a problem

heres the link http://www.ryda.com.au/Aerpro-Lexus-IS300-Dash-Facia-Kit-p/fp998151.htm

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