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Nothing. Even though it's not ideal I doubt any damage was done.

There's a warning on your dash if you accidently forget to disengage it when going forwards at 3 KM/h something like that but not sure in reverse.

I think your car should be ok mate :)

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Hi Jomster

Thanks for your reply! What a relief! Yep I think there was no alert or warning in reverse gear, otherwise my attention would be brought into that... Luckily I only wanted to go backwards a few cm.. I'm glad to know that I shouldn't be worried about it no more!

By the way, my friend wanted to know if he changed from R to D without completely stop the car (although in extremely low speed, i think he was doing a 3 point turn or something) would it cause any damage to his car? he drives a lexus too.



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hi Bluey,

it seems everytime someone needed their questions answered, you always come to the rescue! i passed on your reply to my friend and he said hes only done it once at extremely low speed i quote but the fact is that the car wasn't stationary while he changed the gear. he was in a hurry. He wanted to know should he get the mechanics to check it up when he goes to service next time, which is real soon.

thanks for your help once again.


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Sounds like it's OK if it still drives well.

He may like to let the service staff know so they can check it and let him know if any damage done. I doubt there is if it was only done at very low speed.

Still, best not to do it again.

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Throwing the car from Reverse into Drive any faster than about 2-3km/h will stall it!!!! I accidentally did this a few months back, when I had to do some quick manoeuvring out of a car park but I was too quick on the change this one time. Had to turn off the engine and re-start. A little embarrassing! I mentioned this to the service manager last time I was in, and he said that no damage would be done - it is just the electronic transmission needing to be reset (hence the need to turn off and restart the vehicle), but as mentioned here, he light-heartedly said not to make it a regular occurrence. Common sense of course.

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