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Lexus And Rattles..

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Hi everyone i just bought a demo 2007 GS450H with 6000km's . Anyway car is perfect except for a rattle i can hear from the front passenger side dash.

It sounds like a loose buzzing rattle, almost like when you pump the bass and the speaker rattles type..if you get my drift... Anyway it only happens when the roads choppy but its very annoying..

What is your experiences with Lexus dealers when dealing with rattles? Do they take you seriously and is it covered under warranty ? im concerned if they pull the dash out it could create more loose rattles and so on..

Thanks for your help everyone..

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ring the dealership, tell them the problem and they will book you for service to sort out the problem.

its cover under warranty, so you dont need to fork any $$$, they pick your car up from your home and give you a loan car and when it finish they deliver your car back to you.

hassle free service-that one of the things i like from lexus.

when i purchased a used is250, the car is rattle like a mad as well, it tooks two go for them to fix it as the rattle came out again 2 months they originally fix it.so i rang them up again and they are happy to fix it again for me

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