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Only Received 1 Key From Dealer After I Trade In.

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Hi Guys

Just wondering how much to order another key from lexus. I also saw us ebay they sell the set for $85 but it mentions that I have to bring to the dealer to programme it. Not sure which option is better.

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I'd be going back to the dealer demanding a 2nd key.

Definately make the dealer give you a second key. I learnt the hard way when I had a damaged merc key, and then the

second key got "lost".

They ordered and reprogrammed a new set of keys, charged me $1100 for them, and remotely disabled the "rails" on the old keys.

A week later I found the lost key, and discovered the damaged key was also disabled despite it still working (just the boot pop button didnt work) and they claimed that keys could no longer be reactivated so I would have 4 keys.

I'm sure lexus keys are probably just as expensive - however I must admit the new merc keys look very fancy. Not $1100 worth

though however - If they told me the price I wouldnt of ordered 2.

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If you bought the car new then you should get 2 set of keys normally. I got my took delivery of my Lexus with 2 keys/FOBs.

From past experiences when buying a 2nd hand car from a dealer they would only give you 1 set of keys, maybe it's a trend which isn't fair for the consumer.

I once bought a 2nd hand Nissan from a Nissan dealer and only got 1 set of keys, they said they only had 1 set of keys.

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