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Bulbs Changes - Where To Get And What To Get

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Hi Guys,

I am sure some people in here have done a fair bit of lighting mods on their IS250 :)

I was considering changing my parkers to white LED and also getting brighter globes for my headlights. Does anyone know what I should get and where to get it from? I have read a bit about not getting cheap globes as they tend to burn out quickly.

I don't want to rewire and put in HID's as I want to keep my 7 yr warranty. I have seen a few threads on the net where people have just changed the globes.

Let me know what you guys think.

A couple of links I have seen so far:



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Installing a HID kit should not void your warranty. You can easily remove it and install the original bulbs if there are any issues. May need to buy spare dust caps.

By just changing the globes to a whiter halogen will cause you to lose light output, although giving a white look. After doing that then installing HID, I highly recommending going for the HID.

Parkers are not a problem to change and you access through the high beam dust cap. Look at the light set up from the front for placement. You will need to get a side reflecting LED as to expel the light in different directions. I got a 5 way LED. LED's look great and match well with a 6000k HID kit.

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