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Polishing Workshops

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Hi Serran:

Yes, I know what u are talking about.

The scuff plates and the padels,foot rest come as a package for Lux model.

I think they should be able to polish them for you as they have tools to do so.

The only concern I can think of is the plastic nodules on the metal plates/pedals, they might have to be removed first.

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ok finally had the time to make a few calls regarding polishing up my scuff plates so i can anodize them..

Mirror Finish Custom Metal Polishing

Unit 5 14 Cunningham St Moorebank NSW 2170

ph: (02) 9822 8127 Metal Polishers

spoke with george.. quoted at $150 for the pair.. 4 weeks work (workshop was very busy)

AH Commercial Metal Polishing Pty Ltd

53 Vore St Silverwater NSW 2128

ph: (02) 9748 0919 Metal Polishers

spoke with alby.. quoted at $80 for the pair.. 1 days work

Westwood Winter Plating P / L

128 Carnarvon St Silverwater NSW 2128

ph: (02) 9748 2496 Metal Polishers

these guys dont do polishing.. yet listed under polishers.. waste of 25cents!

Sommerville K

29 Wallace St Burwood NSW 2134

ph: (02) 9744 9089 Metal Polishers

spoke with neil who refered me to :

97903065, 14 warren ave, bankstown

spoke with paul.. quoted at $80 for the pair.. 1 days work

i'll probably pick one of the cheaper (and quicker!) 2 options.. now the more (equally) expensive part.. andozing them gold.. but i have my guy that does that

pics to be uploaded in a few weeks or so..

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