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Pwr Button On Rs200-z (e-shift)

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I am having trouble with this: can anyone part me with some knowledge as to what the PWR Button does??? doesn't seem to do bugger all no matter at what revs I press it. I haven't tried it in manual E-Shift mode but will that make a difference?

Is anyone interested in a group buy for personalised plates? I just sold my old plate DRIFT O (I want a new one that suits the car)



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Hi Drifto:

Pwr button in auto box is a mode for "faster" accelaration.

If ur floor the gas pedal all the time, then u wont get any difference with PWR button on or off b/c no matter what button u press, the engine still has the same output.

However, if u depress gas pedal for 3cm for instance, the gear box may upshift ~3000rpm with PWR button OFF.

If u depress gas pedal for 3cm with PWR button ON, the gear box will delay the upshift to maybe ~6000rpm. thus gives u "faster" ,"more powerful" accerelation.

Also, the gas pedal is more sensitive to "kick down" when it's in PWR mode.

I am not sure how PWR button work in manual mode of E-shift. but I think PWR mode would not be funtional in manual mode as the timing of up and downshifting is controled by drivers fingertips. (sorry I dont have any experience with IS's E-shift box)

Could someone with E-shift varify that?


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