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New V300 Owner In Sydney

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Hello, I have had the car for a month now and have spent some time reading as much as I can on here

I was wondering if there is other members in Sydney that would be keen for a cruise?

I find it is a great way to put a face to a forum name and get idea's from each other....what works and what doesn't

I will try and post up some pics soon, but the basic run down is

2000 model V300 pearl white wearing gold BBS 18" shoes, Trust front mount intercooler

Exhaust from centre muffler back with 2 Trust rear mufflers

VDO SAT NAV set up in the dash

The plans: Coilovers, get the factory tv and reverse camera working, the diff is not lsd so that will need to be sorted out soon

Then A/M ECU with injectors and 044 fuel pump maybe even the fuel rail and reg, single turbo conversion then finish off the exhaust

Not real keen on the factory front bar so would be nice to find somewhere local that does a A/M one

After I get bored with that power I will put the NOZ in and see how it goes

I put it on the rollers on the weekend and it push out 304hp and 669nm on 9psi on 98octane

keen to see 500hp before the bottle goes on


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