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Ive Got Nitrous

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Did the install today. Ran into a few snags ...no -3an hose on island and i had to rape a banjo bolt from my pulsar.

I had to reposition the battery box to allow the nitrous bottle to be mounted in the spare tire well.


I ran the nitrous line under the drivers side carpet and had it pop through the wiring harness grommet


The nozzle is positioned right after the MAF


I had a banjo bolt for the oil line on my pulsar. Turns out this banjo fits the fuel rail on the altezza...my ass is saved :D


Over view of engine bay...not many changes visible


A shot of the pricariously mounted solenoids....they are bolted to a C bracket i made and i have quite a few zip ties as saftey lines. This is a temporary measure till i get the -3an lines from summit.


The arming swtich is at the back of that useless pocket under the radio


Im going to order some -3an hose from summit soon as well as some new jets. Right now i am using some hardline that i got with the kit and 40hp jets.

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