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Vais Soundlinq Ipod Interface Advice Please

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I installed a Vais Soundlinq SL-2i-Up in my 2006 RX350 a couple of days ago. I initially configured it for CD/MP3 emulation. However in that mode the Ipod played over the top of the other modes (ie when playing a CD the Ipod was playing over the top of the CD). I changed the emulation to CD which was OK except that there is no song information - just "Disk 1 Track 1" type stuff.

:huh: Stupidly I thought I'd set it back to MP3 and see if I could fix the over-play situation, but now it just don't work at all! :( I've tried every available mode, unplugged it completely from the car and so on. All other modes in the head unit are working fine, and it's providing power to the Ipod, so I can assume all the wiring is OK, but I need to get it configured.

So - what mode is best for my RX350, and how to I get it configured?

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Never mind - I got it sorted. I unplugged the unit for an hour to make sure it was fully discharged then set it to CD/MP3 emulation and it's working perfectly.

The installation is not difficult, though the two upper bolts holding the head unit in place are difficult to get to. You need to push the 10mm socket up through a small gap, and retrieve the bolts without dropping them. I managed to drop one! Then to my horror, as I was withdrawing the socket it snagged on a piece of the dash casing and pulled itself off the extension. So now there's a socket and a 10mm bolt in the bottom of the dash somewhere. Apart from that it's quite easy to install. Get one off Ebay for about $250 and do it yourself, against the dealer's quote of $900.

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