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Where Can I Get Is250 (2009) 17" Rims

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I'm looking to change my rims and like the look of the new 17" rims on the 2009 IS250.


I spoke with a Lexus dealer and they only sell the accessory 18" rims.

Any ideas on where can I get Lexus IS250 (2009) 17" Rims?

Contact Lexus of Blackburn (Victoria) @ (03) 9877 2788, that is ONLY IF YOU MUST buy those wheels directly from Lexus as they're simply way too expensive. Very recently I had a quote on those, can't remember exactly but somewhere about $5-6 grand for a set of Lexus genuine wheels. Not that I'm steering you away from Lexus but suggest contacting maybe TTF (www.ttf.com.au) or other wheels reseller for something equivalent as those wheels are just dear when purchased directly from Lexus. Also - try eBay.

Hope the information helps.

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There was a set that just went for $2000 on Ebay ,

I think its a little over priced for secong hand wheels and have seen them go as low as $1400 although I took too long to think.

At the end of the day Good quality after market look alikes are cheaper and providing you are not buying from Tempe Tyres the quality will be good plus for $2000 you will get them with new rubber in the best brands.

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