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Any Rx330/350 Owners In Wa On This Forum - Need Your Help

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First up - Happy New Year.

Just wanting to see if there are any RX330 or RX350 Lexus Owners on this forum. If there is, I am wanting to see if they are able to assist me. We are intending to purchase an RX330 (most likely) by the end of the year and as we have a sloped drive way, we are unsure whether or not the RX will go into the garage without too much of an issue. The RX will fit in the garage without a problem, but it's more getting in from the slope that's the issue we are looking at.

Is there a WA owner who might be able to assist me on this "test"? I will contact a dealer as well during the week, to see whether I can borrow a car for an hour or so, but won't have a response until next week. I live in Willagee (next door to Melville) - cnr Stock and Leach Hwy for bearings. Please PM me or give me a call on 0407 380 658.


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G'day Will

The RX has pretty good ground clearance and approach & departure angles. If your existing ES can get into the garage then I'm sure the RX will have no problem at all.

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Thanks Poisson, still would like to test though. Of course if it has too narrow an approach, then that may just be the trigger I need for air suspension LOL :P

Will, did you have any joy with the dealer? If not I could probably make the trek to Willagee on the weekend.

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Thanks Poisson, glad to know that you are able to help. I did manage to get hold of the dealer who allowed us to take out a RX330 for about 1.5 hours. The car fitted the garage and I have now found out that to use the tail gate in the garage, I would have to reverse it in. To give an indication of the height, the rear wiper on the tail gate is about 2-3 inches from the ceiling of the garage. The car is able to get in there quite easily. I believe you have a RX350, which from what I have read is slightly taller than than the 330?

I have now driven both a 330 and 350, and the 350 I have to admit is perkier than the 330 in throttle response. The gear changes feel smooth, and better than my ES300. I also do love the screen of the 350 as it is much much clearer. Alas the budget is probably not going to stretch that far for a 350. We will be aiming to buy a 330 at the end of the year and sell of the ES300. Don't you love compromises :D

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