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Trd Sways Set!


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haven't thought about it yet lextcy.. i was waiting on what thunderbird got from bel.. otherwise for me it is either mrtrally or advan at this stage. but if there were 3 sydneysiders buying this kit.. then makes sense to pull up one day to some workshop and have it all 3 done in the 1 day :D discount!

lock in your name edwin

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The Max I can ship is 3 sets at once! since 1 set is approximate 10kg. Anyway are you in Sdyney or other Areas? if you are in Mel we already got another keen buyer...we can do another buy there.

Matt =)

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Yep, Matt, I can pay now if you want, let me know.

Can you please post up pics of the TRD Sway Set? Also will this fit a 2007 Lexus IS250 Sports Luxury?

Thanks again and please let me know



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