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Lexus Ct200H

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I like the concept car way more: What are your thoughts on this car people?

◦The CT is built on an all new platform with a double-wishbone rear and tuned McPherson strut front suspension

◦The 1.8L VVT-i engine found in the Prius is confirmed as the engine component of the CT 200h’s powertrain. No mention is made of overall horsepower.

◦There will be four distinct driving modes: EV, Eco, Normal & Sport. Switching to sport will change the instrument panel and center console spotlight to red. (Nice touch!)

◦Overall dimensions:

◦Length: 4,320mm/170”

◦Width: 1,765mm/69.5”

◦Height: 1,430mm/56.3”

◦Wheelbase: 2,600mm/102.4”








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It looks like a Lexus nose grafted onto an Impreza. Still, you spend more time inside your car looking at the interior, and that looks pretty good in the pics. (Not sure about the pop-up sat nav screen, though)

I might be inclined to look at something this size, provided the quality (and ride quality) is maintained.

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Lots of BMW styling cues inside which could be viewed as a not so bad thing. Might look better in the metal with bigger rims but overall hasn't lived up to the hype generated by the concept.

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OK a little more info on the new Lexus model to hit.

It will be officially uncovered at the Geneva Motorshow, tonight our time. It will hit the road in Europe in November & Australia will get it in Feb 2011.

It will have two modes of drive. One for traffic & efficiency the other increases power & changes steering feel to bring out a sportier drive.

Still being front wheel drive I am yet to be convinced on this car.

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Noticed the total system output was 134hp.. or around 100kw (same as the current Prius). Sounds too low given all the extra weight a full decked out lexus will incur.

Give it another 30-40kw and i'd be sold.

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