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V8 Supercars - New Era For More Brands


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Ok so i'm a fan of it. More so now that there might be other brands coming entering into V8 racing soon.

I can see the IF-F mixed with the ozzie 8s...come on Lexus!!!!

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Yep big fan too. I'm a motorsport tragic though. V8's, F1, MotoGP, WSBK are the 4 series that I watch every single race.

Lately been watching a bit of NASCAR & Indy car too.

For me I'd love to see a V8 Supercar version of the GS460.


Especially after doing laps of Eastern Creek in a GS460. Both with me at the wheel & then in the passengers seat with John Bowe at the wheel. That car is quicker/better than I thought. I've got a photo of the speedo at 210km as we went down the main straight.

This won't happen with the GS460 though as the new shape GS series will be out next October and there won't be a GS460.

The most likely entrant would be a Toyota Camry/Aurion as they have been pushing this idea around at Toyota head office for a while.

Who do you think will win the V8 title this year?

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Wow is that u in the car? nice work man. I follow the V8s since the days of Ambrose. I don't know who will win the title this year but Whincup is well on his way...I'm not a fan of Tander, nor Ford after what they did to team vodafone.

They say Lowndes was supremo during his Holden years, why is he so bad now?

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Wow is that u in the car?

No no thats a photo of a GS450h from OS. I included it to show what a V8 Supercar GS460 may look like.

We were using a standard GS460 at Eastern Creek...no where near as flash as the car in the photo.

I agree with what you said about Fords treatment of 888 racing (Vodafone) and hope Whincup wraps it up again.

Lowndes just having a bad run of luck ATM I think.

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I don't know about bad luck as such, i think he (Lowndnes) isn't driving as aggressive as he has been during the enduro rounds last year. He was easily able to pass anyone at anytime during those enduros. Not sure why he's not trying so far.

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