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hey i want to upgrade my is300 to a 2jzgte motor,so i went to a performance shop in sydney, and i found out his already done the project b4 so i was very excited. He still had the car, the car got defected for emissions, sound etc so the owner had to return it to stock (that sucks). So i was shatted i ask so if i go with the project i cant drive anywhere, but he said these days better tec u can get around it...

So now im still thinking what i should do, i no it will be crazy to do. Also need to upgrade the brakes, wheels, no aaftermarket bodykit (y rek the apearance), coilovers, sway bars, upgrade exquast, intercooler etc

He gave me a estimate price around just over 40gs....

so what use recken im thinking he supplys it all drive in drive out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ssssssssstishhhhhh

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Over 40 grand for it? that is a ridiculous price.....

Not sure what the laws are in your state but it can be done legally here in SA no problem...

Shame ASA shut down as he has done many of these conversions, he was selling a 1JZ transplanted one for $26k (the whole car not just the conversion work.) Which performance shop did you go to? sounds like a rip off.

Also turbo fast said they won't do the conversion anymore, asked them a while back :P

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yeah i went to ADVAN shop near my area, he mainly does race cars, i seen like 5 GTRs in the workshop.. He said your looking at a price around 40gs, his supplying braking setup, suspension coils, front cut vvti supra and gearbox, pedals, gear shifter, front mount, exhaust setup, computer setups, 100hrs on dyno,and some mods on motors.....

I reckon for the work being done its worth it.... (to be honest when he told me 40gs im like wat the fuk is this guy serious, i wanted to run out) but i thought his acually doing a good amount of work on the car, acually his doing the whole project thats a good thing....

Drive in drive out.....

All thats left after that is engineering certificates...

I BETTER START SAVING......ssssssssssshhhhhhhhtishhh tishhhh tishhh

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