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Wtd: Is300 (02-05) Dark Grey


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Trying to find an IS300 (pref dark grey in colour) in Perth but havent been able to find anything - private sellers or dealers - for months.

There are quite a few over east and I have Barbagello's on the look out for one, however no luck in Perth?

If you have one or know of anywhere I might be able to look, I'd appreciate the help!


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I'm assuming you've tried searching the main car selling search engines, I've noticed that IS300's don't pop up very often and when they do, they usually disappear relatively quickly.

Didn't managed to find a single IS300 for sale in Perth, how ever have you considered an IS200? I found a Grey one for sale in WA, relatively low km's for its age and it also has the rare Legana bodykit!!!

Not sure if I can post this link or not, but here it is anyways.


Hope this has helped :D

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