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Rx 250 Sl Search

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Hi all; I'm new to the forum and am not even a Lexus driver. But I've been researching a purchase for several weeks now and am ready to take the plunge. I'm looking for a 2007 model RX 350 Sports Luxury (any colour but black). I dont want anything with more than 50K kms. Apart from that, I'm pretty open. From what I see on the web used car listings, I'm expecting to pay about $48,000. I know that private sellers hope for more, but dealers seem to have more room to negotiate. Ads asking for low $50K will probably go for high $40K. Do my parameters seem realistic to those with more knowledge of the Lexus market? My research shows that this model of car is coming onto the market in greater numbers as the early registrations in 2007 are coming off lease in the next few months so it looks like it could be a buyers market. Any wise advice from the Club? One last question; with a 4 year warranty any car I buy will be either in the tail end of the Lexus warranty, or be part of a 3 year limited dealer warranty. But I understand that you can extend the original Lexus warranty. Does anyone know more about this option? Sorry for so many questions on my debut.

PS: I have not the faintest idea how the title came to be Rx250 Si Search.

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